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How Many Kilometers Are Too Many On a Used Car?

What really ages a vehicle is the number of kilometers it drives in a year. A car could be three years old, but if it has only been driven 10,000 km in that time, it should drive like it is brand new for years. Some vehicles are built to see more distance in their lifetimes than others, and sometimes the owner’s maintenance habits make all the difference.

How Many Kilometers Should a Car travel in a Year?

Canadian averages vary by province, but a general rule says a Canadian will drive a vehicle about 15,200 km every year. If you’re buying a used car, divide the total accumulated km by the number of years the vehicle has been on the road. Keep in mind a 2018 vehicle probably started accumulating miles halfway through 2017. If the resulting number is less than 15,200 km per year, you have a relatively low mileage vehicle.

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Should I Avoid Buying a Car with More than 200,000 km on It?

If you find a car with more than 200,000 km on it, don’t be too concerned. A vehicle that has gotten regular oil changes, tire rotations, tune-ups, and a little high-mileage maintenance, should still have some life left in it. Well-built trucks and large SUVs should last longer than other vehicles overall.

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The money you save buying a high mileage vehicle can offset a few repairs. If you need a new timing belt or a system flush, get it taken care of and keep up with oil changes. A well-maintained vehicle will return the favor by taking you further.

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How Many Kilometers Does a Used Car Usually Have?

Most used cars at a dealership like Lloydminster Hyundai are three years old or less. Because of this, most used vehicles have anywhere from 15,000 to 100,000 kilometers on them. There are extreme examples of vehicles having far fewer or far more kilometers on them, however.